Why Get Certified?

Benefits of Ketogenic Certification

With the popularity of the term “Keto” also comes the confusion and blatant mislabeling of products. Often, after examining nutrition labels and ingredients lists, consumers are left dismayed about what foods and products fit into the healthy ketogenic diet and lifestyle. As a producer, the last thing you want is lost sales due to consumer confusion about the benefits of your product.

Ketogenic Certification labels

  1. The Certified Ketogenic, Ketogenic Approved, and Ketogenic Friendly are certification marks that indicate a food or product:
    1. Does not contain ingredients that do not meet the basic tenets of the Ketogenic Diet
    2. Does contain ingredients that are keeping with the strictest Ketogenic requirements

    Certified Ketogenic licenses the use of these labels (logos) only after stringent vetting process, to ensure the consumer can buy with confidence.

The Certified Ketogenic labels are easily visible to consumers, which allows them to purchase products with confidence. Only products which display the Certified Ketogenic labels have been approved, based upon the strictest Ketogenic standards. In short, consumers know they are receiving the highest quality Ketogenic products available.

As interest in Keto continues to grow, so does the need for Certified Ketogenic labeling. Consumers see certification labels as a trustworthy means of ensuring that the foods and products they buy follow their healthy lifestyle. To meet the growing demand for legitimate Ketogenic foods and products, Certified Ketogenic has created three labels to help consumers navigate their potential choices. These Certified Ketogenic labels save the consumer valuable time and effort.

Why Certified Ketogenic?

Certified Ketogenic is an organization that is dedicated to spreading awareness of the benefits of the Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle, while promoting products that benefit the Ketogenic Diet community.

But we are only one aspect of a growing enterprise, started and maintained by Ketovangelist, LLC. As the various other branches of the Ketovangelist, LLC enterprises flourish, the ability to leverage the growing marketing, advertising, and social platforms increases.

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The Ketovangelist, LLC audience is diverse, worldwide, and growing. It is our mission to help connect this community with Certified Ketogenic foods and products that can help them achieve maximal health.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, and increase sales and brand visibility, then you are ready to get Certified Ketogenic.