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Certified Ketogenic follows the ketogenic best practices as described by Doctors Phinney and Volek. We occasionally publish articles regarding our stances and recommendations on ingredients of concern to our viewership. To receive notice of updates by email, be sure to join our mailing list.

What's the deal with allulose?
02 Feb, 2019
Relatively speaking, it's a new alternative sweetener; the ability to mass-produce allulose at a reasonable cost is yet to be discovered (which is why it's pretty pricy, even on Amazon, where you can usually get specialty ingredients in bulk for a decent cost), so its availability was pretty limited until fairly recently. Its effects on the human body are only just beginning to be probed and so, while we know it doesn't digest the same way as table sugar, we really don't know much else about it.
Since the low-carb/ketogenic lifestyle has begun to catch on among the larger health and dieting community, we have become inund...

Sucralose, peanuts, and fruits...oh my!
10 Mar, 2017
Most keto advocates know that keto is pretty simple. That's part of the appeal. That, and the fact that it's incredibly healthy for body and mind. But when things start to get a little less simple, a little closer to a "gray area," then people start to...well, freak out a little.
Certified Ketogenic was founded to help cut through the confusion about what foods should be considered acceptable when someone...

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