Sukrin Icing

Natural origin zero calorie alternative to regular powdered sugar with the sweetness, flavor and texture of powdered sugar.

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Sukrin USA
Sukrin Icing

Company's Product Description:

Made of erythritol, which is made from glucose extracted from non-GMO corn starch through a natural fermentation process. A small amount of steviol glycosides is added to obtain the same sweetness as regular powdered sugar. Replaces sugar or powdered sugar 1:1. Sukrin Melis dissolves more easily than regular Sukrin and is perfect for no-bake desserts or cakes, butter cream and cream cheese frosting or ice tea Does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels – 0 GI, 0 calories, 0 absorbable carbs.


Erythritol (polyol) and Steviol Glycosides.


  • Contains Low-Glycemic and Low-Insulinemic Sweeteners
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