Stoka Vanilla Almond Keto Krunch Bar

Extra crunchy Vanilla Almond snack bar.

Brand owned by:

Stoka Nutrition
Stoka Vanilla Almond Keto Krunch Bar

Company's Product Description:

More Krunch Less Carbs! We've brought back the original, hand-made, extra crunchy, keto bar that put Stoka Nutrition on the map! These crunchy, vegan keto snack bars have a crisp granola texture, all natural taste, and are a great on the go snack to put in your purse on your way to work or back pack for a hike!


Almonds, Erythritol, Inulin, Sea Salt, Guar Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, Stevia Extract, Vanilla Extract, Cocoa Powder.


  • Contains Nuts and Seeds
  • Contains Low-Glycemic and Low-Insulinemic Sweeteners
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