Stoka Sugar Free Rainbow Sprinkles

Rainbow sprinkles sweetened with erythritol.

Brand owned by:

Stoka Nutrition
Stoka Sugar Free Rainbow Sprinkles

Company's Product Description:

RAINBOW SPRINKLES – Have fun like a kid, but be smart like an adult! These sprinkles are the perfect addition to any ice cream cone, cupcake, birthday cake, chocolate covered strawberries, and more! Add a little extra flavor and fun without paying the price. These ketogenic friendly sprinkles have less than a single net carb per serving. Make the best bake-off better with sprinkles that taste delicious but don’t contain sugar or dairy. These pure ingredients are paleo, keto, and vegan friendly.


Erythritol, Soluble Corn Fiber, Palm Kernel Oil, Natural Colors.

This product's certification license is no longer valid.

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