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CraftBelly Delights, Inc.
CraftBelly Delights Vanilia Vanilla Ice Cream

Company's Product Description:

We use Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract to create a creamy, simple vanilla ice cream with specks of real vanilla bean to entice your senses. Our Vanilia Vanilla ice cream is deliciously inviting. Each spoonful is a gateway to wonderful memories shared while creating new pleasures in the blissful daydreaming of future adventures. Our Vanilia Vanilla ice cream may be deceptively simple, but we think it brings cosmic joy with each bite.


Milk, Cream, Non-GMO Allulose, Organic Inulin, Egg Yolk, Milk Protein Concentrate, Madagascar Bourbon Double Fold Vanilla Extract, Ground Vanilla Beans (Extracted), Non-GMO Steviol Glycosides. Contains: Milk And Egg Products.


  • Contains Only High Quality Fats
  • Contains Only Natural, Animal-Sourced Proteins
  • Contains Allulose
  • Contains Low-Glycemic and Low-Insulinemic Sweeteners
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