Certification Process

1. Submit Your Application

After carefully reviewing the criteria for certification, and if you are certain your products match at least the minimum requirements for Ketogenic Friendly certification, you may fill out the Application for Certification and submit your application fee. On the confirmation page, you will upload your product labels for review by the Certified Ketogenic team.

2. Product and Label Review

The Certified Ketogenic team will review your product information and labeling for compliance with our standards for Ketogenic Friendly, Ketogenic Approved, and Certified Ketogenic products according to the criteria available on our website. You will be notified of your place in the queue and the expected response time when we confirm receipt of your application.

3. Confirmation

After reviewing your products, we will reach out and explain our decision. If you have products which qualify for certification, we will inform you of which ones and which certification level. At this point, you may complete your certification profile and contract agreement, and submit payment for the license covering your qualifying product quantity.

4. License Assignment

After your license fees have been received, you will be given access to download your letter of certification, license document, and applicable artwork with your certification codes in place, along with graphic standards guide for placement of artwork on your product labeling and other marketing material.

5. Directory Listing and Announcement

Your participating brands and products will be added to our website directory and announced in social media channels as well as on our blog and newsletter.

6. Ongoing Account Management:

Term Renewal

At the end of each paid term, your certification fee will automatically charge. Someone on our team will reach out to you to confirm successful payment and update any information as necessary to keep your account current.

Product Changes

If your product recipe, labeling, or available flavors changes at any point during your certification term, you are responsible for advising us of these changes so that we can verify that your certification level is still accurate. Reevaluations will incur an additional review fee.

Our team will perform occasional audits, comparing your product information to our records. Any identified changes to your products will incur an additional review fee.