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Why Ketogenic Certifications

The ketogenic diet and lifestyle continues to increase in popularity. As such, the need for certification programs like Certified Ketogenic is also increasing. We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of ketogenic products that are now available to the consumer. There are plenty of reasons to explain this increase, but the bottom line is the ketogenic diet and lifestyle works. People find their health improving, and they feel great!

The research is in and the consumer community is actively seeking out certification labels as a trustworthy means to ensure that various criteria are being met by the products they purchase. 

By utilizing Certified Ketogenic labeling, your company is able to address the confusion resulting from an increase in the number of products claiming adherence to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. Many of which do not fit the basic foundational tenets. 

The Certified Ketogenic label represents the highest quality standards to an increasingly larger consumer base.

Growth of The Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle

Similar to the organic, local, and ethically produced food movements, ketogenic food options have gained enough market momentum to demand quality safeguards.

Certified Ketogenic operates to alleviate the concerns of the ketogenic consumer base, while promoting the ketogenic diet and lifestyle and is a trusted entity for those who seek alternative products as a means to ensure personal health. 

The Certified Ketogenic certification assurance label is a trademarked symbol, similar to the USDA “Certified Organic” mark, and are easily visible and indicate that a product is free of ingredients that do not meet the basic tenets of the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. With the knowledge that a product has been fully vetted by a trust third party, consumers can shop with ease.

Certifications help us expose mainstream consumers to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle, effectively promoting the benefits that it represents to the greater population.

Permission to use the certification assurance labels is granted by Certified Ketogenic.

It is our goal to impact political, agricultural, economic, and lifestyle changes on a local, national, and global scale by offering these ketogenic certifications.

The Benefits of Ketogenic Certifications

  1. Product certification promotes brand trustworthiness to the ketogenic community.
  2. We regularly post content on our social media channels, supporting our Certified Ketogenic clients.
  3. We drive traffic to your websites via the Certified Ketogenic platform.
  4. We support our certified companies through email blasts, our social media, and our websites.
  5. We become your partner promoting your brand.

Advertisements on the Q1 Productions, LLC network are strictly for companies who have received ketogenic certification through the Certified Ketogenic. To advertise on the Q1 Productions, LLC network, check out our certification program or contact us if you have questions.

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